Saturday, January 26, 2013

January baby!

 photo securedownload-63_zps6a4530d0.jpeg  photo securedownload-63_zpsa45fea66.jpeg  photo securedownload-63_zps08a3fc17.jpeg  photo securedownload-63_zpsd4aeab21.jpeg  photo securedownload-63_zps347f7d31.jpeg Been caving in for a whole week, which is so not me at all. This cold weather really took a toll on me. Don't want to go into detail as you might get grossed out. I'm nearly close to healing, and so a little energy i've saved up made me want to do one of those skateboard shots. Found Joe's skateboard dated in 1902! lol kidding. It's quite scary and so therefore don't believe in other peoples photo opp with it. This dry cool weather needs to migrate elsewhere, it's getting old. Ciao! for now will post more when i'm fully loaded with energy.

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